Around 2000 people per day are retiring in the UK and typically do so with either no plan, a bad plan, or the wrong plan.


No Plan – Martin Will Provide One. You will identify the amount of money necessary to get you through a 3-decade retirement, achieve your dream lifestyle and maintain it throughout your later years and never run out of money. You will also create a safe passage for your estate to pass to children or other beneficiaries safely and tax efficiently.


Bad Plan – Martin Will Get You Out. You will say farewell to highly-priced active management and fund chasing performance junkie advisers’ who ordinarily cost around 2.6%-3.8% per year, and put you into safer, evidence-based, lower-cost drag setups at around 1.6% per year. The difference this can make to a 250K portfolio can add another 250K back into your portfolio over a 3-decade window.


Wrong Plan – Martin Will Remodel It. You will be steered past ‘defensive fixed-income investments’ that have delivered circa 5% since 1956 against inflation at the same 5% and instead into the great companies of the world you will pass, dividends from which will typically match those fixed income returns, but with additional capital growth on top to see you secure a ‘rising’ income throughout retirement – as opposed a ‘fixed’ one.


People retiring in the UK typically make one, two, or sometimes all three, of the biggest money mistakes of their lives – mistakes that may well see them run out of money in retirement. The tragedy of the mistakes that this generation of people can make, when planning for or transitioning into what now looks like being a three-decade retirement, without proper help and advice, is too terrible to contemplate. Martin Wilcocks will help you avoid these common mistakes, helping you to plan, invest and live better – and achieve and maintain your ideal lifestyle into the future and never run out of money.

Bullet Proof Retirement Webinar

Do you know your number?

During this webinar, we will help you understand what your ‘Number’ is and why you need to know it.

  1. Your ‘Number’ is the amount of money you will need to get you through what could be a 30-year retirement. Quite often, many people approaching or transitioning into retirement don’t know their number and if that’s the case, they have NO PLAN.
  2. Even for those with their number worked out the enemy ‘inflation’ can often be missed. What costs £1 at the start of a 30-year retirement will in all likelihood costs £2.50 in the 30th year – if we look back at inflation over the last 3 decades. If inflation has been omitted the plan can fall apart.
  3. If you’re spending too much on your adviser, or the funds you invest in, or the product wrappers, you may not achieve your number and miss out on your dream retirement lifestyle having run with a BAD PLAN.
  4. Or if you’re invested too heavily into the most commonly used type of investment as people approach and pass into retirement (I’ll share this with you on the webinar) you’ll probably fall short here too having been set up with the WRONG PLAN.
  5. You will learn how to accelerate the growth of your investment and retirement plans through the inclusion of evidence-based investments that have been proven to work over the last 7 decades and are supported by Nobel prize winning research.
  6. And I’ll share two asset classes that you can put into your pension, ISA or general investments that will supercharge your plan having outperformed main equity markets since time began.
  7. Finally, I’ll explain how my 4 part estate plan will protect everything you’ve worked hard to create and pass it on to children or other beneficiaries safely and tax efficiently.

So, in summary, these 7 steps will provide you with a Bullet Proof Retirement.

  • You’ll learn how to calculate the number you need, to live the life you want and maintain it into the future and never run out of money.
  • And how to hit it by selecting the right types of investments and avoiding all of common pitfalls.
  • With a succession plan to provide a safe passage to send your wealth onwards.
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