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Understanding how life assurance could work for you

Life assurance is a lifelong policy, unlike fixed-term products like life insurance. It is designed to cover you until you pass away, whether it happens decades in the future or unexpectedly soon.

This whole of life cover guarantees a payout at the end of the policy, which can help your family to cover expenses and live comfortably when you’re not around. This doesn’t always happen with life insurance, as you may not pass away during the fixed term of the policy.

People often take out life assurance cover as part of their overall investment portfolio. In this way, it can be used as an investment product in which a portion of your premiums are invested and the rest goes into the pot for your final payout. When the time comes, your family will receive both the lump sum and the returns from your investment pot.

Investment-linked life assurance can prove very profitable, ensuring financial security and a comfortable life for your family when you’re no longer there. This is something that many investors with families find extremely reassuring.

Just like with all investments, it’s crucial to make the right choices when arranging life assurance cover. It doesn’t have to be complicated though, nor do you need to handle it alone.

Martin Wilcocks, with his extensive experience advising on life assurance in Manchester and elsewhere, is on hand to help. He’ll guide you through your options, including the potential risks involved and realistic expectations of investment returns. You’ll have all the information you need to make smart, strategic decisions.


Putting your money in the right places

When you work with Martin Wilcocks, he’ll take the time to understand your goals and aims for life now, and for your family in the future when you’re no longer around. He’ll provide recommendations tailored to these crucial lifetime goals, which may include building life assurance into an overall plan for managing your finances and preparing for the future.

As part of his holistic approach to financial planning, which includes the use of his highly effective CLEARER model, Martin will also take your existing investment portfolio into account when advising on life assurance.

In plain, straightforward language, he’ll offer personalised advice to help you choose the right life assurance cover. You’ll be confident you’re choosing the best places to invest your money, whether it’s to grow your pot now or prepare for whatever the future may bring.

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