If you’re considering income protection insurance but aren’t sure how to get started, Martin Wilcocks can help.

Martin is an award-winning financial adviser with vast experience in helping clients and their families with income protection in Liverpool and across the North West. He can help you figure out whether insurance is the right option for you and choose the right level of cover, just in case you ever find yourself unable to work due to illness or injury.

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Is income protection insurance right for me?

This type of policy is designed for people worried about how they would cover their bills and expenses, and maintain their lifestyle, if they were unable to work. It could be that you’re left temporarily incapacitated due to an accident or injury, or you fall ill and need time to recover.

If this should happen, your insurance policy will pay out the vital funds you need to cover your day-to-day expenses, until you’re able to get back to work.

Income protection insurance can be an essential part of any financial plan for people who are self-employed or who wouldn’t be able to get by on the sick pay provided by their employer. It’s also a sensible option for people who don’t have a partner’s income to fall back on.

However, it’s important to remember that just like you can’t predict that you’ll be affected by illness or injury in the first place, you simply don’t know how long you’ll be unable to work. You may have a comfortable income and have been able to build savings, but how long will they last? Would it put your family finances under strain if you’re struggling to make ends meet, and could money worries even hamper your recovery process?

As an experienced adviser on income protection in Manchester and elsewhere, Martin Wilcocks is the perfect choice to help you answer these difficult questions. Together, you’ll work out whether income protection or another kind of policy would be the right choice for you. He’ll explain your options in relation to the level of cover you’ll need, including terms and details which can be customised to work for you. You might never need your insurance policy, but it’s extremely reassuring to know that it’s there.


Putting extra protection in place

Income protection insurance is just one way you can safeguard against unexpected financial hits that may happen in the future. Martin Wilcocks can help you incorporate this into a wider, longer-term plan for building wealth, preparing for retirement and making the most of every penny you work so hard to earn.

If you’re working towards a particular goal, such as achieving a certain sum to support a comfortable, enjoyable retirement, income protection can ensure that you don’t fall behind. It replaces lost income so that you stay on track to hit your target and secure a better financial future for your family.

Martin Wilcocks is an expert in income protection in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester and across the North West. Get in touch today to arrange your personal consultation and to receive tailored financial advice – it could be the smartest decision you ever make.

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