You can’t predict the unexpected events life may send your way, but you can make plans to protect yourself, your family and your finances. Trust Martin Wilcocks for expert advice on critical illness protection in Liverpool and across the North West.

Working with Martin, you can create a financial plan that cushions your family should the worst ever happen and you are diagnosed with a life-changing illness or injury. It’s important to start planning now, because none of us know what’s coming.

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Making the right choices for your family’s future

You may never need to use your critical illness insurance policy, but it can offer great peace of mind to know that it’s there – for you and your family. It’s never easy to imagine tragic or unpleasant events happening, but it is so important to take a proactive approach to future planning. Act now and you’ll know that money worries will never be a part of your family’s future.

Critical illness cover is a policy that pays a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a health issues such as cancer, stroke or heart attack, or illnesses such as multiple sclerosis. If this happens, you may not be able to earn money to support your family and pay your bills. You may also not want to work, instead focusing on spending precious time with your loved ones.

Critical illnesses also tend to bring their own costs, such as medical bills, the expense of buying wheelchairs and other equipment, and having to make necessary adjustments to your home.

It’s difficult and unpleasant, but try to imagine whether you’d be able to cope financially in such a situation. If not, or you don’t want to take the risk, critical illness cover could be the solution.

As an experienced adviser on critical illness protection in Manchester and across the North West, Martin Wilcocks is the ideal choice to help you. He provides clear, honest and straightforward advice, always with a family focus and an eye on the long-term.


It’s crucial to get the right level of cover

Just like with other kinds of insurance, it’s absolutely vital to check all the details and make sure you’re signing up for the right policy. Some policies may not cover certain kinds of illness, or not provide cover for health problems you were aware of at the time of taking out the policy. You also need to get the right level of cover to ensure that you’ll have enough funds to support you if the worst happens.

Seek financial advice from Martin Wilcocks and he’ll personally check, compare and recommend the right critical illness products for you. Trust his experienced eye to examine the small print on your behalf, so you’re fully assured that you have a watertight plan for the future – just in case.

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