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Making the right choices with unit trust investments

Unit trust investments can be a useful and profitable part of any medium or long-term investment plan.

As grouped investment products, unit trusts involve multiple people pooling their money into a single fund. This is managed by a fund manager, who chooses certain asset classes and securities in which to invest the pooled sum.

The thinking behind unit trusts is simple – the more people that buy units, the more money there is to be spread across a larger number of investments. This can lower the risk, as well as bringing other benefits such as shared costs, admin and paperwork.

Martin’s goal is to find his clients the ideal unit trust funds to suit their portfolio, financial situation and life goals. He’s also the best adviser to work with if you want low costs, simple explanations and realistic expectations on the returns you’ll receive.

There are many unit trusts to choose from, with many different providers. As a highly experienced adviser on unit trust investment in Manchester and elsewhere, Martin is perfectly placed to help you make smart decisions.

Using his own evidence-backed CLEARER model and the information you provide, Martin will put together a personalised plan just for you. He’ll assess your current situation, how you feel about risk and where you could be wasting money on excessive fees. Alongside this report will be his tailored recommendations on which unit trusts will work best for you. If you’re happy, he’ll handle everything on your behalf.


Unit trusts – knowing the right time to sell

Too many people see investment as a way to reap big rewards quickly, but this is also far riskier. With unit trusts and indeed other types of investment, it can often be much more prudent to take a long-term view.

You could make much better progress towards your goals if you’re prepared to sit back and ride out dips or slow growth in the value of your units. Martin Wilcocks will help you devise and execute a strategic, well paced plan for growth in which you’ll wait until your unit sell price comfortably outperforms the price you paid for it.

Let Martin steer you in the right direction, overseeing your investment plans with a steady and careful hand so that you get valuable time back to focus on family, friends and your career.

Martin can also advise on the possible tax implications of selling your units, to help you avoid unnecessary tax and maximise your returns.

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