For expert financial advice and your own personalised offshore investment plan, choose Martin Wilcocks.

With Martin’s help, you’ll invest your hard-earned money in the right places. This means right for you, based on your goals in life and your own particular circumstances. As an experienced adviser in offshore investment in Liverpool, Martin Wilcocks is on a mission to cut unnecessary fees and ensure healthy, consistent returns. There’s no get rich quick scheme, only a carefully thought-out strategic plan for your financial future.

Call Martin today on 0845 200 4041 to arrange a one-to-one consultation. He’s happy to review your existing portfolio, create a new offshore investment plan from scratch – or a mixture of both.


Choosing the right funds to invest in – a CLEARER approach

Many investors include offshore investments in their portfolio due to the advantages they offer compared to UK-based funds. For example, looser regulation means more opportunity for growth, as well as offering tax advantages. Some offshore funds are able to reinvest growth without paying tax, which they can pass onto you in the form of larger returns.

It could even mean lower management fees, which is a crucial part of Martin’s CLEARER approach to wealth management. He estimates that around £64 billion is being wasted each year in excessive fund costs, equating to around 2% of the returns investors should be using to support their future plans. This waste of money has to stop, which is why Martin is on a mission to provide low cost solutions delivering consistently impressive returns.

Martin Wilcocks is a big believer in diversity in any investment portfolio, and offshore investment could be a key part of your long-term plan. He has decades of experience in the industry and in-depth knowledge of global markets, so he’s the ideal choice to help you choose the right funds to invest in.

Martin will take the time to discuss your goals and plans for the future, including what financial support you’ll need in order to reach your targets. He’ll assess your attitude to risk and take a holistic view of your whole financial situation in order to provide tailored recommendations just for you.


New to offshore investments? No problem

One of the reasons why investors love to work with Martin Wilcocks is his straightforward, practical approach. You don’t need any prior knowledge or familiarity with complex financial terms. Martin will explain your options, including the risks and realistic likely returns, in clear, plain language. After all, it’s important that you understand exactly where you stand in order to make the right decisions.

If you’re new to offshore investments and nervous about getting started, arrange a consultation with Martin Wilcocks. He’s an experienced adviser working in offshore investment in Manchester and elsewhere, and he’s happy to help you take those important first steps.


Get in touch for a portfolio review

If you already have overseas investments and you aren’t sure whether they’re working for you, contact Martin Wilcocks for a comprehensive portfolio review. He’s happy to provide consultations on offshore investment in Chester, Liverpool or any North West location.

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