If you need expert help investing your money in an open-ended investment company (OEIC), Martin Wilcocks is the ideal choice.

He’s an award-winning, straight-talking financial adviser who’ll help you choose the right funds for your personal circumstances, allowing you to avoid unnecessary costs and maximise returns.

For honest, practical advice to help you make smart investment decisions, get in touch with Martin by calling 0845 200 4041. He’s an expert on all aspects of wealth management and investment, including OEICs, in Liverpool, Manchester and throughout the North West.


Why OEICs can be a good choice for new investors

Open-ended investment trusts are a popular choice with people wanting to start investing for the first time. They are collective investment funds, in which many investors pool their money to buy shares in the OEIC. A professional fund manager will use the overall pot to buy shares, bonds, cash assets, property or other investments.

OEICs are also a good option for busy executives, entrepreneurs and business owners who are time-poor. Each OEIC invests in a different mix of shares and assets, so all you need to do is to select the right one in which to buy shares and it will be managed for you. If you don’t have the expertise or interest to know which combination of investments to go for, OEICs offer a handy ‘off the shelf’ package.


Making the right decisions

Even though OEICs are an easier option for new or time-stretched investors, it’s crucial to choose the right fund. This is where Martin Wilcocks comes in. He’s a highly experienced wealth management adviser, helping clients with OEICs in Manchester, Liverpool and across the North West.

Martin will take a good look at your existing portfolio if you have one, or assess your current financial situation and the amount you have to invest. He’ll also take the time to understand what matters to you, whether it’s financial security for your family or planning for a comfortable retirement.

Once he’s consulted with you and crunched the numbers, he can advise on the best OEICs to invest your money in. Martin’s advice will cover choosing funds managed by professionals with a good track record, as well as the risks involved and how you can expect your money to grow. He’ll come up with a tailored plan to put your money in the right places in order to keep costs to a minimum and deliver consistent, healthy returns.

There are no false promises or complicated industry jargon when you work with Martin Wilcocks. Instead, you can expect only clear, simple and helpful explanations and evidence-backed, strategic recommendations. Martin uses his own CLEARER model to deliver personalised, effective plans for each individual client, all geared around your goals and making the best use of every penny.

For your own one-to-one consultation on OEICs in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester or another location, get in touch with Martin Wilcocks. He’s also happy to offer financial advice over the phone – whatever works best for you and your schedule.

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