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Why a junior ISA?

Children aren’t thinking about money when they’re young, unless it’s in relation to their pocket money. As a parent, you can help to save and invest on their behalf, so that they’ll have a sum to support them when they start university, move into their own home or buy their first car. You may even have more ambitious plans in mind for the money.

Cash and stocks and shares ISAs for children offer a tax-free way to start growing a pot for your child. Just like with adult ISAs, you can save or invest a certain amount in them per year without having to pay tax. The money is locked away until your child is 18 years old.

Of course, a junior ISA may not be the best or only way to provide for your child’s financial future. Other options may be more suitable for your particular circumstances or goals, such as trusts or other investment plans.

Martin Wilcocks will help you understand all of the different paths available to you, all based on your wishes for your little one as he or she grows up. Together, you’ll choose a sum as the goal to work towards. Martin will then use his extensive experience advising on junior ISAs in Chester and across the region, along with his unique CLEARER model, to come up with a plan so that your family reaches that goal.


Tax efficient savings and investments for children

If you’d like to set up a nest egg for your child, it’s important to choose the right option. Many parents set up junior cash ISAs, but these don’t always offer the returns you might like. In fact, the interest rates can sometimes be lower than other savings accounts, even when you take the tax-free wrapper into account.

You may prefer to opt for a junior stocks and shares ISA, which may deliver better returns and greater growth of the investment pot. It’s invaluable to have Martin Wilcocks on your side when planning to invest in a junior stocks and shares ISA, as he can help you make the right choices based on your goals as well as your attitude to risk.

Martin will explain the pros and cons of all ISA and investment solutions in clear, plain language. There’s no financial jargon or complicated sums – only simple recommendations based on research and hard facts.

To arrange a personal consultation on junior ISAs in Manchester, Liverpool or wherever in the North West you’re based, get in touch with Martin Wilcocks. Martin works with families throughout the region to plan long-term strategies to secure worry-free financial futures.

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