If you’re looking to invest in a Stocks and Shares ISA and need financial advice you can rely on, choose Martin Wilcocks to steer you in the right direction.  

An ISA can be a useful and tax efficient part of your investment strategy. This is especially the case for those looking to diversify their portfolio, invest a lump sum or move on from ordinary savings products with their disappointingly low rates.

Give Martin Wilcocks a call on 0845 200 4041 for a consultation and tailored advice to help you get the most from every penny of your investment. Martin is a trusted ISA adviser in Liverpool and across the North West, using his holistic, straightforward CLEARER model to slash costs and deliver returns in line with your goals.


Getting the perfect mix of assets

ISAs offer a tax efficient way to add to your investment pot. You have an annual Stocks and Shares ISA allowance to use and you’ll pay no Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax on this sum. It can absolutely be worth making the most of this tax break.

However, it’s important to choose the right mix of assets to invest in, and this is where experts like Martin Wilcocks come in. He’ll assess your current financial situation, including your existing investment portfolio, and create a personal ISA plan just for you. Your tailored strategy will be built on a number of important foundations, including your life, retirement and investment goals, as well as your attitude to risk. If an ISA is the right choice to add to your portfolio, Martin can help you choose the ideal funds to invest in.

Martin’s philosophy as an ISA adviser in Manchester and across the North West is based on cutting unnecessary and excessive costs. You won’t pay a penny more than you need to. He’s also passionate about investing money in the right places, such as in equities and property which have delivered higher returns historically than cash or government bonds.

With Martin’s honest, realistic advice, you can also diversify the funds you invest in. This is essential in mitigating risk and ensuring the responsible management of your investment plans.


Building ISAs into your tax planning strategy

As Stocks and Shares ISAs offer the ability to invest a considerable sum each year tax-free in a wide mix of assets, they can be a useful tool in your tax planning strategy. Tax planning is a crucial part of everything from wealth management to retirement planning. After all, no one wants to pay more tax than they need to.

To find out more about adding ISAs into your tax planning strategy for the future, get in touch with Martin Wilcocks.

He’ll take the time to understand your financial plans and your life goals, offering practical advice that could make a big difference to your investment success. Martin works as an ISA adviser in Chester, Liverpool and throughout the North West, but he’s happy to offer assistance over the phone if that suits your schedule.

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