If you need expert guidance on choosing the right investment trusts to help your money grow, Martin Wilcocks is on hand to assist.

He’s a highly experienced, dedicated adviser offering one-to-one consultations on investment trusts in Liverpool, Manchester and across the North West. His refreshingly straightforward approach to investing will help you to slash costs, boost returns and make smart choices for your financial future.

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Diversifying with investment trusts

Crucial to any long-term investment plan is diversity, and this is where investment trusts come in. They allow you to team up with other investors to form a pool of money, which a fund manager will spread across a range of shares or financial assets.

Choosing investment trusts, as part of a varied portfolio of products, is a great way to diversify. This should help you to access more stable products, mitigate risk and benefit from consistent returns.

Martin Wilcocks is the perfect partner to get you started. He’ll help you choose a fund with a manager who has a strong track record, as well as giving you clear, easy-to-understand information about the risks and likely rewards. Crucially, he’ll also explain how these products fit into your overall personalised investment strategy.   

If you already have some investments, Martin also carries out portfolio reviews of investment trusts in Manchester and throughout the North West. Get in touch to request yours.


Planning for the long-term

Investment trusts can be a great part of any long-term investment plan. As with many investments, the value of the shares and assets your money is invested in will fluctuate. It may go down temporarily, but historical data shows us that overall, it will increase permanently.

Martin Wilcocks has a skilled and experienced eye when it comes to monitoring these trends, which is why he advises his clients to ride out temporary bumps in the road and focus on the long-term strategy.


Cutting the cost of investing

According to research carried out by Martin Wilcocks, investors are currently facing a ‘£64 billion problem’. This is the sum that he estimates is being wasted per year on excessive management fees, fund costs, hidden charges and other expenses. It should be helping to grow investment pots, but instead this money is lining someone else’s pockets.

Martin’s pioneering CLEARER model aims to solve this problem by steering his clients towards investing their money in the right places. This means choosing the right investment trusts in which to put your hard-earned cash. Fees and costs vary hugely across the enormous number of products available, but luckily for you – Martin will do the legwork and number crunching on your behalf to find the best, lowest cost options.

While saving you money on fees and saving you from the sting of hidden costs, Martin will also pinpoint the products that are most likely to deliver the best returns for you.

For tailored advice on investment trusts in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester and elsewhere, simply arrange a consultation with Martin Wilcocks.

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