Investment bonds can be a very useful and profitable part of any long-term investment strategy. For advice you can rely on to help you make the right decisions at the right times, choose Martin Wilcocks – an experienced investment bonds adviser in Liverpool and across the North West.

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Getting started with investment bonds

If you have a lump sum to invest, trust Martin Wilcocks to help you choose the right funds. You’ll receive expert guidance when it comes to selecting with-profits or unit-linked products, as well as how to diversify the funds you invest in to maximise medium and long-term growth.

Martin is passionate about recouping wasted money spent on excessive fund costs, charges and fees, an industry crisis that he calls the ‘£64 billion problem’. This means that his recommendations are guaranteed to be as low cost and as efficient as possible. You’ll be dealing with Martin directly, unlike other financial advisers who often have offices full of staff to pay with the inflated fees they charge you.  

In clear, straightforward language, avoiding all that frustrating jargon you often encounter in the financial industry, Martin will explain your options and answer all of your questions. When you work with this particular investment bonds adviser in Manchester or wherever you’re based, you’ll be fully informed, expertly advised and ready to make great investment decisions.


A holistic, realistic approach to investment bonds

Just like with his other services as a wealth management specialist, Martin Wilcocks uses his pioneering, cost-saving CLEARER model to create a personalised plan to achieve your financial goals.

All decisions stem from one important question – what you want for your future? Your investment goals, plans for retirement and general life ambitions are all taken into account.

With this information, Martin can put a figure on what you’ll need to achieve your goals, and align your investments in order to hit this target. He will also take all of your other investments into account, viewing investment bonds as part of a wider strategy rather than in isolation.


Building investment bonds into your tax strategy

One of the reasons why investment bonds are so popular, apart from their flexibility, is the tax advantages they can offer. You can withdraw up to 5% each year of the sum originally invested without triggering any tax liability. Investment bonds can also be used to prevent the loss of the personal allowance, for those whose annual income is £100,000 or more.

Martin Wilcocks can help you to build investment bonds into your tax and investment planning strategy. This is very important for those whose financial circumstances have recently changed, and whose earnings have increased. Martin is on hand to review your wealth management plans whenever this happens, and throughout the different stages of your life from wealth accumulation to retirement.

To take advantage of his expertise as an investment bonds adviser in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester and across the North West, get in touch Martin Wilcocks to set up your personal consultation. You can also receive financial advice and support over the phone if that works better for you.

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