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An experienced investment adviser in Liverpool, Martin works closely with his clients to build long-term strategies to support fund growth and consistent income. His evidence-backed CLEARER model matches investment decisions to lifestyle and long-term goals. With Martin’s reliable, honest advice, you’ll be completely confident that you’re putting your money in the right places.

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A tailor-made investment strategy just for you

First-time investors sometimes struggle to choose the right funds. Which is the right choice – an income fund which provides a steady earnings stream, or a growth fund designed to build on the original sum invested? The answer completely depends on your circumstances, your assets and your attitude to risk – no two investment strategies are the same.

Martin Wilcocks offers personalised advice and recommendations tailored to your exact circumstances and your plans for the future. You may be saving for retirement, building up funds for a specific project or have the financial security of your family as your ultimate goal. Whatever matters most to you, Martin will put this at the core of your investment strategy.

When you work with Martin Wilcocks, you’ll benefit from his decades of experience and expertise as an investment adviser in Manchester and across the North West. This is combined with Martin’s trademark honest and straightforward approach. He’ll explain the benefits (and any potential drawbacks) of the options available to you, from income and growth funds to other options you may not have considered.

He can also review your existing portfolio if you have one, doing the detective work and calculations needed to discover what returns you’re actually receiving and how much it is costing you. If your money is best moved to an income or growth fund, or your portfolio should be diversified with a mix of products, Martin will give you the essential information you need to make smart investment choices.

Everything you need to know is explained clearly and simply, with none of the financial waffle you may experience when dealing with other advisers and consultants in this industry. Martin does all of the legwork, number crunching and calculations behind the scenes, so your valuable time is spent reviewing the information that really matters.


Cutting out excessive fees

If your money is invested in the wrong ways, it could be costing you as much as 2% in excessive costs, fees and charges. Martin Wilcocks is on a mission to recoup this potentially wasted money, returning it to your investment pot where it belongs. His CLEARER strategy eliminates unnecessary investment costs and prioritises consistent returns linked to your goals.

Martin Wilcocks offers a unique, one-to-one service as an investment adviser in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester and elsewhere. You’ll deal with him directly, benefitting from his years of experience and clear-thinking approach to investment success.

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