For expert financial advice to significantly improve your investment plans, lowering costs and boosting returns, you can rely on Martin Wilcocks.

Martin has decades of experience in the financial industry, but he takes a refreshingly straightforward approach to investment planning in Liverpool, Manchester and across the North West.

His mission is to eliminate unnecessary costs, align your investment plans with your lifetime goals and secure you the returns you need to live the life you want. Martin’s advice is evidence-backed, strategic and always honest.

To arrange your personal consultation and start putting sound investment plans into place, call Martin Wilcocks on 0845 200 4041.



If you’ve been accumulating wealth and want to make the very best use of it for the future, Martin can help.

His one-on-one service includes taking an in-depth look at your financial situation and taking the time to understand your wishes, ideas and plans for the future. Your personalised investment plan will be built on this crucial information, along with your attitude to risk and an in-depth knowledge of global investment markets.

If you already have investments, Martin will create a report on your entire portfolio complete with his expert suggestions on increasing returns and slashing unnecessary costs. This is really helpful for people who’ve lost track of their investments and are in the dark about the actual returns they’re receiving.

With his help, you can restructure your plans in a profitable, tax efficient way. You can also diversify your portfolio so that every penny of your money ends up working harder for you and your family.

How Martin Wilcocks can help to reduce the cost of investment

Martin’s research suggests that around £64 billion annually could be being wasted on excessive fund costs and products, as well as managers, consultants and advisers on inflated industry salaries.

His unique CLEARER model focuses on indexing, rather than speculation – which is costing around 2% more than it should. This huge sum of £64 billion would be far better in the pockets of hard-working investors, rather than lining someone else’s pockets.

When you seek financial advice from Martin Wilcocks, you’ll benefit from direct, dedicated assistance from the man himself. Martin focuses on investment planning in Manchester, Liverpool and across the North West, but he doesn’t have offices full of staff to pay with your hard-earned money. Costs are kept to an absolute minimum, which is the way it should be.

Investing your money in the right areas

The CLEARER model, backed by evidence and with the long-term ‘big picture’ in mind, recommends investing in equities and property. These are the areas which have been proven over a significant number of years to deliver consistently better returns.

It’s all about growing your money, from investments to pension pots, in a steady and reliable way. When you work with Martin Wilcocks, you’ll only ever receive honest advice and projections of returns that are fully realistic. False promises and ‘get rich schemes’ very much aren’t Martin’s style.

To arrange your own personal consultation, contact Martin Wilcocks today. He’s on hand to help with investment planning in Chester, Liverpool or wherever you’re based in the North West.

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