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Using a trust to plan your family’s financial future

There are many reasons to set up a trust, and a number of different trust arrangements to choose from.

For example, you can use a trust for money or property in order to minimise the inheritance tax due on your estate when you’re no longer here. This can help to preserve your legacy for your family without the taxman taking an unnecessarily large bite out of it.

Trusts are also used as a tax efficient way to manage children’s money until they are old enough to take control of the funds themselves. Parents use trusts to put savings aside for their children, with the money often being used for important life goals like going to university or buying their first home.

Another common use of a trust is to make plans for the future, for a scenario where you’re in need of long-term care due to illness, old age or disability. Securing money in a trust is a good way to ensure that the funding will be there for care home fees or medical bills when you need it. No one likes to imagine such a situation, but it is important to use your money wisely now to form a financial cushion against such eventualities in later life.


Setting up a trust and making the right decisions

It can sometimes be complicated and difficult to do it alone, especially if you’re worried about making decisions that will have major implications in the future. There are many important decisions to be made, from the structure of the trust to who will manage it.

This is where Martin Wilcocks comes in, offering expert financial advice and trustee services in Manchester and across the North West. You may want to use Martin’s services alongside those of a solicitor, depending on the type of trust you want to set up.

Martin is passionate about finding the right solutions for each individual who seeks his help. This means taking the time to listen to their thoughts, concerns and plans, including their goals for retirement or financial security for their children.

With this vital information, he can offer personalised, practical advice and create a tax efficient, solid strategy for achieving your goals. Martin is known for his honest and realistic advice, always provided in plain language with not a hint of complicated finance industry jargon in sight. You’ll get all of the information you need to make the very best choices for the future.

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