Protect your legacy and minimise inheritance tax with expert advice from Martin Wilcox, an IHT planning specialist with decades of industry experience. With his help, you could potentially save thousands in unnecessary tax.

Call Martin Wilcocks on 0845 200 4041 to start planning now to reduce your inheritance tax liability. Together, we’ll make sure your family, loved ones and the charities and organisations you’re passionate about receive every penny they deserve.


You could reduce IHT by thousands – if you act now.

Here in the UK, we’re not always great at having those important conversations which lead to sensible, smart and tax efficient estate planning. It’s never easy to talk about wills, estates and leaving legacies, but it’s so very crucial. If you don’t take a good look at your estate now, before it’s too late, your family could lose out on thousands in unnecessary inheritance tax when you’re no longer here.

If you’ve been putting off will, estate and IHT planning, it’s time to take action now. But you don’t need to do it alone, and it doesn’t need to be complicated either.

Martin Wilcocks, an expert in IHT planning in Liverpool working across the North West, can give you practical solutions and sound advice you can rely on. He can take the burden of IHT planning off your shoulders, giving you the peace of mind that tax on your estate is kept to an absolute minimum.


Preserving your legacy for your family

Martin Wilcocks is the financial adviser of choice for many families, for one important reason. It’s because he understands just how crucial it is to secure a good financial future for your loved ones.

In just a few simple steps, you can adjust your plans for your estate to shrink your liability for inheritance tax. Martin will talk you through the various thresholds and the factors to consider, explaining how your assets and wealth can be managed and IHT mitigated. This could mean putting your assets into a trust, or arranging gifts for your children now.

It’s all fully legal, but it’s amazing how many people don’t know that these estate planning solutions are available to them. All it takes is a great financial adviser to sit down with you and explain how it works in simple terms – and that’s what Martin does best.


Get your personalised IHT report

When you choose Martin Wilcocks to help you plan your estate and mitigate inheritance tax, the first thing that he’ll do is produce a personalised IHT report just for you.

This will give you an easy-to-understand assessment of your estate and IHT liabilities as they stand. Alongside this will be Martin’s expert recommendations for ways you can organise your affairs to trim your IHT bill down to size, as well as maximising the benefits for your family when you’re gone.

Get in touch with Martin Wilcocks to arrange a consultation and to order your own personalised IHT report. Martin offers IHT planning in Chester, Manchester, Liverpool and across the North West, helping families to plan ahead for a bright and stress-free financial future.

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