Martin Wilcocks can help you to secure more of your wealth for your loved ones with an estate planning strategy tailored just for you. Get in touch for your personal consultation by calling 0845 200 4041.

Martin is an expert in financial planning, wealth management and estate planning in Liverpool, although he also works with clients throughout the whole of the North West.


Let’s start talking about estate planning

Understandably, most of us don’t like to think about what will happen when we’re no longer here. However, it really is crucial to start making a plan as early as possible. Without it, your family could end up losing a huge portion of the legacy you’ve worked so hard to build up – to inheritance tax, legal fees and other financial drains.

So, it’s time to start talking about estate planning. Martin Wilcocks is the ideal choice to help you, as he can guide you smoothly through your options and provide clear, practical and straightforward advice based on your personal circumstances.

Whatever you have in mind for the future to leave for your loved ones or maybe a charity or organisation you’re passionate about, this will be at the heart of your estate planning strategy.

Don’t put off thinking about your family’s future for much longer. The earlier you act, the better prepared everyone will be. Working with Martin, you’ll soon have peace of mind that you’ve made responsible, financially sound decisions.


Preserving your legacy

As well as planning your will and organising your estate, you’ll also want to think about how you can protect your hard-earned money and assets from the burden of inheritance tax (IHT).

As an experienced and trusted adviser on estate planning in Manchester, Liverpool and across the North West, Martin Wilcocks can help. He’ll sit down with you to assess your financial situation and put a personalised plan together. This could involve growing your wealth through smart investment strategies and reassessing your pension arrangements, but crucially it will mean taking steps to reduce your inheritance tax liability.

With Martin’s help, you could potentially trim thousands off the IHT due when you pass away. He’ll help you to understand the various tax thresholds along with methods to manage your wealth, including making use of trusts or gifts to your children in the short-term.

Martin will provide a personalised IHT report on your current situation, with practical suggestions on how you could reduce the tax due on your estate.


A comprehensive estate planning service

Martin Wilcocks works with his clients at many different points in their lives, helping them to make solid plans to support their families now and for the future. He can assist with financial management and investment as you build your wealth, all the way through to retirement and estate planning.

If you need advice on making or amending a will, minimising IHT or arranging power of attorney just in case you are one day unable to make your own financial decisions, Martin’s here to help. He offers a holistic, comprehensive service for estate planning in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester, so no detail will be overlooked. Get in touch to arrange a one-to-one consultation to discover more.

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