If you’d like to include charitable giving in your estate plans, or you want to find a tax-efficient way to donate to charity right now, Martin Wilcocks can help.

Martin is a highly experienced estate planning adviser, providing personalised assistance with charitable giving and donor advised funds in Liverpool and the North West. To discuss your plans for supporting a charity you’re passionate about, call Martin on 0845 200 4041.


Tax efficient charitable giving

Many people donate to charity, but there are several different ways to do it. One of the most mutually beneficial is to use a donor advised fund. This simple yet effective model allows individuals to maximise the financial support they give to charities, whilst also ensuring good tax benefits for themselves.

Donor advised funds are a popular choice due to their flexibility. They can be funded with a variety of assets, from cash and shares to property. Just like with other investments, you can diversify the mix of assets in the fund. This can help the sum to grow, which increases its impact for the charities you wish to support.

You choose how much you’d like to put in and receive an immediate tax deduction, although the funds may be distributed to the charities of your choice gradually or at a later date. It could be when the funds have grown, so you’ll be able to make a bigger impact with your investment.

However, it’s important to seek sound financial advice before putting your money into a donor advised fund. Martin Wilcocks can help you to choose the right funds, which will deliver the outcome you’d like at as low a cost as possible. This will be built into the long-term strategy for tax efficient estate planning that Martin will create just for you and your family.

Martin Wilcocks is trusted by many high-earning professionals and their families for his advice on donor advised funds in Manchester, Liverpool and elsewhere, so you can feel fully confident in his recommendations.


Leaving a legacy

Another way you can support causes you care about is to leave a legacy in your will. Martin Wilcocks can help you to ensure that when you’re no longer here, more of your money actually goes to the charity and not to the taxman.

When you leave a charitable legacy in your will, it can reduce the inheritance tax (IHT) due on your estate. This requires careful planning, but Martin is more than happy to do the legwork and number crunching on your behalf.

As part of a wider estate planning strategy, he’ll do the research and take the time to understand your wishes. You’ll benefit from a personalised plan for the long-term, to ensure that your legacy is preserved, IHT is minimised and every possible penny will go to your chosen organisations. This is alongside the plans made for your retirement and the safeguarding of your family’s financial future.

For tailored financial advice on charitable giving or donor advised funds in Chester, Liverpool or anywhere in the North West, get in touch with Martin Wilcocks. He’s known for his clear, practical and realistic advice, as well as his family-focused approach to financial planning.

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