Planning for the future financial security of your business is crucial. Award-winning financial adviser Martin Wilcocks can help you put the essential measures in place to prepare, just in case the worst should ever happen.

Martin has considerable expertise in shareholder protection in Liverpool and the North West, and he can also advise on other measures to safeguard your business against unexpected events. Give him a call on 0845 200 4041 to arrange your consultation and to receive tailored financial advice.


Could your business survive losing a partner or shareholder?

Shareholder protection insurance is designed to help business owners plan for the worst, in case a shareholder or partner ever finds themselves unable to fulfil their duties. They may no longer be able to participate in the business due to serious illness or injury, or they may pass away.

If this happened to your business, would you or the other shareholders be able to afford to buy their shares? In many cases, the answer would be no – not without putting yourself, your family or the business under significant financial strain. Shareholder protection solves this problem by paying out a lump sum which can be used to purchase the deceased person’s interest in the business.

With a policy in place, you’ll have a concrete plan for what happens if you lose a key shareholder or partner. It enables you and your fellow shareholders to retain full control of the business. Without it, the deceased person’s shares could pass to their family members, who may sell to a competitor or decide to get involved in the running of the business. If this isn’t the future you see for your organisation, shareholder protection insurance could be the solution.


Personalised advice from a business protection expert

Martin Wilcocks can help you to protect the ownership of your business through shareholder protection insurance in Manchester or wherever you are based. After taking the time to understand how your business ticks, and the risks it faces, Martin can provide tailored recommendations for business protection solutions that will work for you.

He’s known for taking a holistic approach when working with his clients, which means looking at the bigger picture. He’ll consider the whole of your situation and build products like shareholder protection insurance into an overall plan, one that gives your business the best possible chance of success and survival.

When you work with Martin Wilcocks, you’ll benefit from clear, straightforward and practical advice based on your circumstances and needs. You’ll receive a bespoke business protection plan, which offers peace of mind just in case tragedy or disaster should strike.

When it comes to business protection planning, too many business owners put off making plans until it’s too late. Take action now, and you’ll sleep easy that your business is covered no matter what happens.

For advice you can trust on business protection planning and shareholder protection in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester or anywhere in the North West, get in touch with Martin Wilcocks today. He’s an expert financial adviser with decades of industry experience, known for going the extra mile for his clients.

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