Martin Wilcocks offers a full choice of wealth management services for people planning for or transitioning into retirement.

If you struggle to keep track of multiple financial arrangements or you don’t actually have a financial plan in place at the moment, get in touch on 0845 200 4041 to find out how award-winning financial adviser Martin can help.

Martin Wilcocks, an expert in wealth management in Liverpool, has over 25 years experience in financial planning. He uses a unique, realistic and long-term approach, which is designed to cut out unnecessary costs and secure you the financial future you’ve been working towards.

Martin can help with the following services:

Portfolio Review

If you’re in the dark on where your money is actually being invested, how safe it is or the returns you’re receiving, contact Martin Wilcocks right away.

Martin can conduct a full portfolio review which unearths the unnecessary and sometimes hidden fees and charges you could be paying. He’ll do the detective work to find out which stock and bond markets you’re exposed to and the real returns you’re receiving.

He can also provide a personalised recommendation that clearly demonstrates the significant difference that his lower costs, combined with smarter investment decisions as part of Martin’s unique CLEARER model, could make to your financial future.

Give Martin a call on 0845 200 4041 or use the quick contact form for your own personalised portfolio review.

Investment Bond, ISA and Pension Consolidation

If you’re concerned that you’ve lost track of multiple investment bonds, ISAs or pensions with different providers, it’s time to take action.

Contact Martin Wilcocks for a review of your financial arrangements to identify high fund costs, actual returns, maturity dates and the terms and conditions you’re bound by.

If your costs are too high or the returns just aren’t working out as promised, Martin can put together a personalised plan to tidy up the arrangements you have in place. He can secure lower costs and help you understand exactly where your money is invested, as well as being able to clearly see growth. The aim is to turn a complicated situation into a very simple one, where you (and not your investment manager) are seeing the benefit of healthy returns.

To get started, use the online enquiry form to get in touch or call Martin Wilcocks on 0845 200 4041. Martin provides his expertise in wealth management in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester and elsewhere in the North West.

Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning

One of the most popular services Martin Wilcocks provides is inheritance tax (IHT) and estate planning. Martin will offer tailored advice to help you protect your legacy for your family, mitigating inheritance tax where possible through trusts and other measures.

How else can Martin Wilcocks help you and your family?

In addition to personalised reports, recommendations and financial advice to help you make the most of your money, Martin Wilcocks can also assist with personal and business protection, raising capital and much more.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at Martin’s holistic approach to wealth management. It’s all about you, your family and your future. Tell him what you’ll need, what you’re aiming for and he’ll go the extra mile to help you achieve it.


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Martin is extremely proud to work so closely with individuals and families to secure their financial futures, sometimes across the generations. Get in touch today to take advantage of nearly three decades of financial expertise.

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