Around 1500 people per day are retiring in the UK and typically do so with either no plan, a bad plan, or the wrong plan.


People retiring in the UK typically make one, two, or sometimes all three, of the biggest money mistakes of their lives – mistakes that may see them run out of money in retirement. The tragedy of these mistakes, when planning for or transitioning into what now looks like being a three-decade retirement, without proper help and advice, are too terrible to contemplate.


No Plan

Martin Will Provide One. You will identify the amount of money necessary to get you through a 3-decade retirement, achieve your dream lifestyle and maintain it throughout your later years and never run out of money. You will also create a safe passage for your estate to pass to children or other beneficiaries safely and tax efficiently.


Bad Plan

Martin Will Get You Out. You will say farewell to highly-priced active management and fund chasing performance junkie advisers’ who ordinarily cost around 2.6%-3.8% per year, and put you into safer, evidence-based, lower-cost drag setups at around 1.6% per year. The difference this can make to a 250K portfolio can add another 250K back into your portfolio over a 3-decade window.


Wrong Plan

Martin Will Remodel It. You will be steered past ‘defensive fixed-income investments’ that have delivered circa 5% since 1956 against inflation at the same 5% and instead into the great companies of the world you will pass, dividends from which will typically match those fixed income returns, but with additional capital growth on top to see you secure a ‘rising’ income throughout retirement – as opposed a ‘fixed’ one.


Martin Wilcocks will help you avoid these common mistakes, helping you to plan, invest and live better – and achieve and maintain your ideal lifestyle into the future and never run out of money.


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Cash, Bonds, Property & Equities

Martin Wilcocks explains cash, fixed income, property and equity investments and the returns from each going back 6 decades.


Passive vs Active

Martin Wilcocks explains passive vs active investing – what works – and crucially, what doesn’t.


Keeping Fees Low

Martin Wilcocks explains the drag on investment growth – caused through excess charges and makes his case against active investment management and the typically higher charges within these arrangements.


How Stock Markets Work

Martin Wilcocks explains how equity markets throughout the developed and emerging world work. He sets out the difference between growth and large-cap, small-cap and value-cap companies.


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“If you are looking to start planning your financial future but don’t know where to start, who to trust or what to invest in – this is normal! It’s our mission to guide you through the process with clear and honest advice, and without technically challenging language and confusing jargon that is typical of the financial industry.

Our CLEARER wealth management program is a proven route to successfully safeguarding your finances and future, and everything we do is backed by academic research and scientific evidence. You can pick and choose individual services from our wide range of solutions, or take on the complete package for maximum financial security.

We will work closely together, getting to know you personally and your hopes and dreams. From there, we begin to shape your financial future. We pride ourselves on our exceptional relationships with our clients.

Taking that first step in anything is always a little scary, but if you decide you would like to structure your financial plan with Wilcocks & Wilcocks, we guarantee you’ll be on your way to peace of mind. Get in touch today. We look forward to speaking with you”.

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The book deals with the No Plan Bad Plan Wrong Plan syndromes and puts forward the tried and tested solutions that Martin has been using with his clients for years. Over 120 families have trusted Martin with over £40 Million in funds and assets. In this book, you’ll find out why.

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