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If you have multiple Pensions, Investment Bonds and ISA’s with different providers, you may well;

Be bound by a wide variety of terms and conditions, maturity dates and be subject to additional charges or hidden fees.

Be paying high fund costs, adviser fees and other transactional charges that are taking large sums out of your pot.

Find yourself unsure as to where your money is actually invested, and in the dark as to the returns you are currently receiving.

And ultimately, not know how safe your money really is.

the £64 billion problem

The last Investment Manager Association (IMA) report showed £5.7 Trillion was invested in the UK, with 68% of it actively managed. Research studies carried out by The Cass Business School, University of London show that around 80% of that actively managed money would have been better off in a low cost index fund. Our calculations show £64 Billion is wasted every year and this is the 2% we estimate to be taken in excess management fees, charges and fund costs.

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This offer is for you if:

You have lost track on all of your various investments, pensions and ISA’s, that may have conflicting investing strategies.

You have different maturity dates, on your multiple investments that are now disjointed.

You are unsure what you are destined to receive from your investments in the future, and if it will be enough to meet your needs.

You want to receive quality, bespoke, financial and investment advice, from an FCA regulated investment adviser with over 25 years experience.

martin wilcocks

Martin John Wilcocks DipFA AIPW (FCA reg MJW00130) is an award-winning Financial Adviser who has featured in The Times, The Telegraph, and The Mail on Sunday. He is in the top 1% of Wealth Managers and Independent Financial Advisers operating in the UK according to Vouchedfor the independent review board for Wealth Managers, Solicitors, and Accountants.


Fees, charges and hidden costs within your current arrangements, compared alongside our lower costs and the difference that this would make over the next 5 to 30 years – and on a portfolio worth £500,000 today, this can be as much as another £500,000 over 30 years.

Additional transaction charges, trading fees, and levies, that aren’t included in the explicit annual fees, or fund costs within your current arrangements. Hidden costs that could add up to as much as an extra 1.3% year.

Which stock and bond markets you are exposed to, alongside a portfolio recommendation from us based on your personal risk tolerance that we determine from the results of a psychometric test. We will provide you with this test via email or post to suit you before undertaking your review.

What your current arrangements are forecasted to pay at maturity, compared to what you can expect if you consolidate your ISA’s with us.

Martin Wilcocks will personally sign off your report and handle the case directly with you.

martin wilcocks

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