Risk Management is a vital part of any long-term financial plan, helping you to protect the wealth you’ve built and mitigate any vulnerabilities which could cause problems in the future.

Developing strategies to manage and reduce risk is the fifth stage of the CLEARER wealth management program created by Martin Wilcocks. The earlier steps involve working with Martin to define your financial and lifestyle goals, and to start implementing your bespoke financial plan with smarter investment and capitalising on annual allowances.

Martin’s expertise and decades of experience working with entrepreneurs and their families really comes into its own at this crucial stage. His trained eye as a financial adviser is able to spot risks, vulnerabilities and potential problems on the horizon.

It’s all about imagining the worst, something that no one likes to do but which still must be done. If you can put a backstop in place ‘just in case’, you’ll never be caught out. Think of it like a contingency plan for those unexpected events that life can throw at you.

Risk Management with Martin Wilcocks means protecting your business and your personal wealth with relevant insurance. It’s about choosing the right products to secure your income, and ensuring the stability of your business and your family’s quality of life in what could be described as ‘catastrophe scenarios’.

What happens if you fall ill or pass away unexpectedly without a plan for your business or with no income to pay your family’s bills? This is what Risk Management aims to address, all linked to your life goals and that all-important number you’ll need to achieve them. With Martin’s help, you’ll have a safety net no matter what happens.

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