Evidence-based investing is the third stage of the CLEARER wealth management program developed by the award-winning financial adviser Martin Wilcocks.

This follows the Clarity and Lifestyle Financial Planning stages, which were geared around understanding your goals and priorities. Now it’s time to start taking effective action to achieve your targets and implement the bespoke financial plan that Martin has designed just for you.

Investment success isn’t achieved by luck or chance. When you work with Martin Wilcocks, you’ll be confident that the decisions being made are part of a carefully considered strategy. The CLEARER program is evidence-backed, with Martin’s strategic approach based on decades worth of data on what works, and what doesn’t.

The £64 billion Problem

Martin’s approach to investment is dedicated to securing better returns while at the same time cutting out excessive costs. His research shows that around 2% of returns are being wasted in high fund costs and lining the pockets of fund managers, consultants and other staff. In total, this adds up to what Martin calls ‘the £64 billion problem’. His CLEARER approach aims to change this, and help more investors make the switch.

When you work directly with Martin, you won’t have to shell out on unnecessary costs. He’ll guide you to invest in the right areas, which historically have produced the best returns – for example, property and equities. His expertise will ensure you choose the right funds, manage and mitigate risk and ultimately, grow your investment pot until you reach your goal.

Clients appreciate the honest, practical and realistic advice you get with Martin Wilcocks. There are no false promises or ‘get rich quick’ schemes. It’s just about you and your family achieving what you want out of life and making each penny work harder for you.  

To find out more about Martin’s evidence-based investment strategy, simply give him a call on 0845 200 4041 and he’ll be happy to talk you through how it works.

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