Estate Planning is the sixth stage of the CLEARER wealth management process used by expert financial adviser Martin Wilcocks to help his clients achieve the lifestyle and financial security they aspire to.

The previous stages of CLEARER focus on building wealth through strategic investment, as well as tax planning and risk management. Each part of the bespoke financial plan developed just for you by Martin Wilcocks aims to achieve that crucial number you’ll need to support the life you wish for.

Your financial plan from Martin Wilcocks is far-reaching in scope, lasting your whole life through to a comfortable, happy retirement. Now it’s time to start thinking even further ahead to what will happen to your hard-earned wealth when you’re no longer around. It’s difficult to talk or even think about, but it really is essential to take steps now to protect your legacy and provide for your family in the future.  

Estate Planning with Martin Wilcocks involves a combination of wills, trusts and powers of attorney to ensure that your affairs are tax-efficient, organised and ready to benefit your family. With Martin’s help, you can structure your finances so that the inheritance tax due on your estate is minimised. This means your family and any other chosen beneficiaries get more of your estate.

Martin also provides personalised recommendations for business succession. If you own your business, it’s important to consider what will happen to it when you’re not around – whether you leave, retire or pass away. He’ll develop a watertight succession plan that gives you control over the future of your organisation and helps to secure a bright future for it.

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