Allowance and Tax Planning is the fourth stage of CLEARER, the unique wealth management program developed by award-winning financial adviser Martin Wilcocks.

The first two stages – Clarity and Lifestyle – aimed to define your goals and help you put a figure on what you’ll need to achieve them. You’ll now have your bespoke financial plan, designed by Martin with your priorities and targets in mind. This will include recommendations for smart investment, with all decisions backed by evidence on which areas produce the best returns for the lowest cost.

Now it’s time to capitalise on the annual allowances and tax breaks you’re entitled to. How many of us haven’t the first clue what allowances we have in relation to capital gains tax, corporation tax, ISAs and pension contributions? If you don’t know about your annual allowances, you can’t make the best use of them.

Working with Martin Wilcocks, you’ll be able to structure your financial arrangements to make the most of your allowances. His tax planning strategy will reduce the burden of unnecessary tax and enhance the monetary value of your overall financial plan. Martin has numerous strategies to make the very best use of your allowances, and to make sure that pensions, investments and other products are as tax-efficient as possible.

Martin is no fan of the complicated jargon and terms you often encounter in the financial industry, so you can expect clear, straightforward explanations. He’ll help you to understand the essential information you need to know, making it simple and easy to keep up-to-date with the strategy.

Give Martin Wilcocks a call on 0845 200 4041 to find out more about Allowance and Tax Planning, and about his tried-and-tested CLEARER wealth management program. He’ll be more than happy to answer your questions, and to explain in detail how his approach works.

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