The CLEARER model

When you choose Martin Wilcocks as your financial adviser, you’ll get the chance to take advantage of his proven, award-winning wealth management program. The CLEARER model has been designed with busy modern entrepreneurs, business owners and executives in mind.

With Martin’s industry expertise and his unique CLEARER wealth management program, as well as his honest, helpful advice, you’ll take back control of your finances. Each step takes you closer to aligning your investments, pension plans and other products with the important goals you want to achieve in life.

How does CLEARER work?

The seven stages of the CLEARER wealth program are – Clarity, Lifestyle, E-Vest, Allowances, Risk, Estate and Review.

Martin Wilcocks will guide you through the simple, logical process of defining your goals and understanding that all-important figure you’ll need in order to achieve them. The next step is to take a holistic, full circle view of everything from investment and pensions to estate planning, income protection and business protection.

By using CLEARER, Martin can take every detail of your financial situation into account, so that all parts of your personalised plan work harmoniously together. He’ll highlight unnecessary costs, areas for improvement and annual allowances that you’re not making the most of. You’ll start to see where your financial vulnerabilities lie, and how you can take measures to prepare for unexpected events.

His recommendations will form part of a detailed plan spanning many years, which is reviewed regularly to make sure you’re still on track.


The CLEARER wealth management program is backed by solid evidence, and it’s proven to work. It’s a long-term, sensible and strategic approach for now, for the future, for you and your family.

If you have any questions about CLEARER, don’t hesitate to give Martin Wilcocks a call on 0845 200 4041 and he’ll be very happy to talk you through how it works.

control & clarity

Plan ahead and identify what your ideal lifestyle looks like & overcome problems holding you back.

Clear on the way ahead with purpose and energy

confidence & lifestyle

Know & understand the number necessary to achieve and then maintain your plan into the future.

Financially organised, with clear goals.

competence & e-vest

Investment proven to work over 6 decads,and typical net gains of 15k per annum when compared to competitor portfolios.

peace of mind on investing, with a portfolio linked to your goals.

capitalise & allowances

Maximise pension, ISA and CGT allowences & reduce corporation tax typically by 8K per annum.

Enhance the monetry value of your plan and portfolio.

contingency & risk

A backstop linked to the number driving your plan, that strips out all risks within your personal and business life.

Protect shareholders equity value and the business profits, & maintain the lifestyle of all shareholders’ families in catastrophe scenarios.

continuation & estate

An estate plan using a combination of wills, trusts and powers of attorneys and an added session to reduce inheritance tax.

Protect your hard earnt wealth and ultimately pass this on to children and beneficiaries safely and tax efficiently.

cross-check & review

Quarterly reviews (March/ June, September/ December).

Rwmain focused on your plan, stay on track with your goals and avoid emotional mistakes related to wealth.

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