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Every good plan needs a sound strategy behind it, one that is proven to work and backed by hard evidence. This is what you can expect with the CLEARER wealth management process used by highly experienced financial adviser Martin Wilcocks.

Register your interest below for this brand new course that is being launched at the end of July 2022. The final elements are in production right now and its set to make a big difference out there for people who haven’t the time to engage a financial adviser directly.

All of Martin’s service proposition is delivered in 7 elements and within each element, there is a highly valuable takeaway that has the potential to make a big difference.


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A holistic approach to wealth management

Martin is known for providing practical, personalised solutions for his clients, taking a holistic, long-term approach to wealth management. Every important element is included, from ensuring the very best returns and lowest costs on your investments to retirement and estate planning.

Martin can also recommend insurance and other financial protection products to safeguard your financial future, as well as consolidating pensions and putting plans in place for worst-case scenarios. With Martin’s help, you’ll never be caught off-guard.

Achieving your goals

CLEARER is an award-winning financial management process that has been built specifically with the busy entrepreneur in mind. The programme has been so successful that it has been featured in The Times, The Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday.

The end result of working with Martin Wilcocks is a tailored plan that is specific to you, and you and Martin will arrive there after following a tried-and-tested process.

It all starts with a conversation. Martin’s honest, helpful advice will help you to define what matters to you – what are your goals in life, and what do you want to achieve? The next step is to put a number on it. This is the number that you’ll need in order to secure the lifestyle, retirement plan or financial security you’re so passionate about.

With clear, prioritised goals and that all-important number, Martin can provide his honest, realistic recommendations of how you can use investment and other financial products to get there.

He’ll leave no stone unturned, from making the most of annual allowances and building in contingency plans to slashing excessive investment costs and taking steps to protect your legacy for your family. He can also help you to protect the future of your business with key insurance products and succession planning.

It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. After a consultation with you, Martin will do all of the legwork, research and detective work behind the scenes. He’ll get to the heart of your financial situation and provide his findings in a logical, easy-to-understand way. If you’re happy with his recommendations, he’ll continue to handle everything on your behalf.

Clients love Martin Wilcocks’ wealth management process because it really works. They choose to work with Martin because he’s honest, trustworthy and tirelessly focused on finding the very best solutions for you.

a private note from martin wilcocks

“If you are looking at your position and feeling slightly lost, not sure who to trust, or perhaps wondering where to start, this is all normal, so please don’t panic. I give you my word that I will guide you, with absolutely no jargon, and minus the financial waffle – that can be commonplace in my profession. My complete wealth management program, as set out in the videos and visuals below, is available to all clients at any time, and whilst some subscribe straight away, others don’t. It is a proven route to becoming financially bulletproof, but I am aware it can look a little daunting at first glance. Not always, but typically, a new client will onboard with an investment, pension, or estate planning need, and later on, in the course of time, the complete package of services tends to open up – and I can honestly say it happens without any effort, and at the same time as the client-adviser relationship is growing between us. Feel free to discuss my complete CLEARER service with me directly at any time, but equally, you are free to pick and choose from the range of solutions on offer to get started. Remember taking that first step in anything is always a big move, but if you do it I will personally guarantee you will never look back. If you would like any further comfort on this alone, please listen to my existing clients talking about me in the testimonial area. Make that call and let’s speak soon.”

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CLEARER is our 7 step wealth management model, designed by the Wilcocks Brothers over ten years of being in business together. CLEARER can help make you financially bulletproof such that, whatever happens, you and your loved ones are ok.


Plan ahead and identify what your ideal lifestyle looks like & overcome problems holding you back.

Clear on the way ahead with purpose and energy


Know & understand the number necessary to achieve and then maintain your plan into the future.

Financially organised, with clear goals.


Investments proven to work over 6 decades, and typical net gains of 15k per annum when compared to competitor portfolios.

Peace of mind on investing, with a portfolio linked to your goals.


Maximise pension, ISA and CGT allowences & reduce corporation tax typically by 8K per annum.

Enhance the monetry value of your plan and portfolio.


A backstop linked to the number driving your plan, that strips out all risks within your personal and business life.

Protect shareholders equity value and the business profits, & maintain the lifestyle of all shareholders’ families in catastrophe scenarios.


An estate plan using a combination of wills, trusts and powers of attorneys and an added session to reduce inheritance tax.

Protect your hard earnt wealth and ultimately pass this on to children and beneficiaries safely and tax efficiently.


Quarterly reviews (March/ June, September/ December).

Rwmain focused on your plan, stay on track with your goals and avoid emotional mistakes related to wealth.

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